Recommended Upload Flow

As long as your uploading .gltf.stl.fbx.obj, you can export from any platform. While the teardown project is in it's infancy, these flows will help you get the best results while uploading

note: In all exporting cases, its a good idea to have your node names (groups and objects) named sensibly. Geometrically different nodes should be named differently, and geometrically idenitical nodes should be named the same and not appended with a number ('_2' for ex.). This will make your uploading experience much smoother.

Have a different platform you want to export and upload from? Let us know on our Discord server


export .fbx and upload directly to teardown


Export .step then either:

note: .gltf exports from onshape are currently problematic


export .gltf and upload directly to teardown

export .gltf and upload directly to teardown (ensure size is correct in clara editor)